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While you are at Aunt Sue's, you can enjoy the wonderful music provided by our very own well-known organist, "Phyllis Cannon". She can be found on the porch about 80% of the time and as thousands of her loyal fans can attest, is a very, very lively performer.


Phyllis' Aunt Sue's Jingle

Up in the mountains where the trees are green,

Is the dandiest place you've ever seen.

Under Table Rock so big and bald

Aunt Sue's Country Corner is what its called.

The fences are straight

and the flowers are bright

and the shops on the porch are set just right.

The ice cream's great with a waffle cone,

and the food is better than you get at home.

Now out on the porch both day and night

is a funny old Lady with a smile that's bright.

Playing the organ about a thousand songs

she'll invite you to dance,

and maybe sing along.

When she plays you a Polka

Or Amazing Grace,

you can tell she is grateful to be in this place.

So if you feel like relaxing,

and having fun -

do what Phyllis Cannon tells you,

and just "Y'all Come!"

Phyllis Cannon 1997

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